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Player of Games, #98: Tri-Ominos

This is one of those games that resided in our closet for years when I was a kid, at the bottom or in the back or some other dusty locale populated by less-favored games. I can vividly recall thinking as a wee bairn that I wasn't entirely clear on how dominos were played, so what chance did I have with tri-ominos? (Aside: dominos is apparently one of those words that can be pluralized -os and/or -oes. Paging Dan Quayle.)

I shouldn't have been so intimidated. Neither the quadrilateral nor the triangular versions are that difficult to play. I also think both suffered with me because I didn't play them with other people, but by myself. Yawn, right? I include Tri-Ominos here mainly because it taught me two things: that most games are easier to learn than we think, and that I have no interest in sudoku.

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