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Writing is like farming. You plant a lot of seeds, some of which you cultivate over years from sprout to success. But some seeds never germinate, some seedlings  never survive a late frost, and others grow and bloom but are never sufficiently pollinated to bear fruit. 

This is my garden of failures, then, row upon row of projects I labored over yet never brought to fruition. Maybe the characters were shallow, or the story underdeveloped, or the writing bad. Maybe I just lost the thread. Some here are like that. Others are stories I finished, stories I'm proud of that have never found their place in the world.

I'll leave it to you to decide which is which. 

A defeated candidate for the presidency of a far-future earth finds herself recruited for a mission of interstellar diplomacy. (2013)

Can a computer be a leader? (2013)

A collection of tales from a small New Hampshire town some years ago. Quirky, surreal, and a little off. (2009)

When you program robots to execute regime change, watch your back. A robot story trying to make Asimov proud. (2013)

An attempt at epic fantasy across nine cultures. (2007)

Heroic fantasy with a witch, a monk, a poet, and a hard-to-kill soldier in Charlemagne's Europe. (2007)

A Jewish wizard contemplates retirement until confronted by an improbable apprentice. (2016)

Campy flash horror. (2014)

What do we owe the last survivor of an alien species? Set in the world of Minotaur, a short science fiction story that reads like a classic Star Trek episode. (2016)

A complete and chilling short science fiction story about being together...forever. And the limits of human evolution. (2017)

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