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George Hosker-Bouley is an award-winning playwright, an accomplished actor and director and holds the Key to the City of Portsmouth, NH where he created events that annually draw more than 400,000 people. George is one of the most produced playwrights in the North East who has won the Spotlight on the Arts Awards, presented by Seacoast Newspapers, a record eight times for Best Play. George's production company has produced an original play every year for the past 25 years ands has either performed or presented in the 5 theaters in the city. As the former Executive/Artistic Director of the Prescott Park Arts Festival George's work has been seen by more than 2 millions fans of live theater. George is also the co-creator of the Portsmouth Underbelly Tour, a historically accurate adult tour that focuses on the cities scandals, murders and whorehouses. George teaches theater and improvisation to young performers and is currently working on his next two books.


Can you commit a murder if you are asleep?


That’s the question Jimmy Malcolm must answer after he discovers his best friend is covered with blood and yet sound asleep. Set in 1901 in the outskirts of Charleston, South Carolina this gripping tale details the lifelong friendship of Jimmy Malcolm and Matty Gentry as they try to survive life on the farm and their abusive fathers. When the fathers both are discovered murdered a suspicious eye turns to Matty, a troubled young man who sleepwalks. His troubles continue even after Jimmy abandons the farm and his friendship and goes to the city to find a new life for himself. His old life however drags him back as an adult as Jimmy tries to cure his friend of his nighttime walks. When Matty comes to the city his troubles come with him.


This compelling story of country life is full of wonder as the two boys create adventure and intrigue in a carefree world that has gone by. Picnics, barbecues, three-legged races and barn dances are all part of the world that lets kids be kids. This surface happiness gets broken as Matty seeks revenge on a father that takes out his own shortcomings on his young son. Country life, passion and romance live alongside revenge and murder at the Gentry farm. Is Matty aware of what he is doing? Can Jimmy save his best friend or is he using Matty as a shield as he settles his own scores? Things that go bump in the night also can bump on a sunny afternoon in the new mystery Walking Until Dawn.



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