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Joe Pace is a writer of literary and science fiction. He studied political science and history at the University of New Hampshire and holds a master’s degree in Public Administration from Seattle University.

Joe has served in elective office, taught American history, and worked in business banking. His assorted interests include comic books, pickup basketball, Greek mythology, and the occasional marathon. He was elected student body president as an undergraduate at the University of New Hampshire and then served nine years on the Select Board in Exeter. He currently chairs the Select Board in his new hometown of Kensington. 

As a storyteller, he seeks to weave memorable characters and places with unforgettable stories that speak to the human condition. His literary inspirations include John Irving, Lloyd Alexander, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Patrick O'Brian. He's also an unapologetic Star Trek, Marvel, and West Wing guy. 

Joe was born and raised in seacoast New Hampshire and still calls it home with his wife, Sarah, their sons Bobby and Xavier, their dopey dogs Sam and Joy, and an indeterminate number of poultry.

Published works:


After Lisa, 2023
, 2021

Lost Harvest, 2015
Minotaur, 2012

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