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Jim grew up in the rare position of knowing he was going to be a software developer since elementary school. He's happiest when he's applying his life-long passion for coding to help others in their pursuit of their own passions.

Jim is also well known for his tech community evangelism and New Hampshire ties. His professional moniker is "The Granite State Hacker". For his dedication to community, Microsoft awarded him with their “Most Valuable Professional” partner award in 2019 (and again, every year to date).


There’s no escaping this truth: something is broken.


Is the platform updated? Does a restart fix it? Can we attach a debugger? Does the hot fix apply? Is it the architecture? Did any of the DevOps pipeline steps fail? Who does “blame” say touched it last? Are the cognitive models trained with the right set? Is that a best practice or an antipattern? Is there a performance bottleneck that’s not scaling?


At the risk of heresy (0.0132% probability), the author, a well-seasoned software architect, approaches biblical Scripture in terms of troubleshooting a modern software system.


Along the way, the journey touches on topics like the following with a nod to Isaac Asimov and C. S. Lewis thrown in for good measure:


Artificial intelligence,


social media,


social injustice,


virtual reality,




geek culture,


rock and roll, and


the singularity.


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