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Isaiah Moss was one of the greatest American writers of the 20th century. His illegitimate son Oscar Kendall wasn't. Living in Isaiah's inescapable shadow, Oscar has become an inveterate quitter who hides his own literary work from the world rather than suffer the pain of failure or rejection.
When Isaiah suddenly dies, Oscar inherits the old man's lakefront writing cabin in New Hampshire. There he finds his father's typewriter, a full liquor cabinet, and an unpublished manuscript of such genius that it could launch Oscar's career if he claims it as his own.


But as Oscar wrestles with his own twisted inspirations, he meets the women in Isaiah's life and begins to learn the depths of his father's secrets...and the costs that come with unresolved trauma and romantic delusion.


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The United Kingdom of Earth is home to thirty million British subjects. According to leading scientists, most of them will starve in the next few years when the global food supply collapses. His Majesty’s government refuses to take these dire warnings seriously, choosing instead to believe the more comforting predictions of the bureaucrats.

In a desperate attempt to revitalize the fading master grains that feed humanity, the Science Minister and the First Lord of the Admiralty form a secret alliance and recruit William Pearce, deep-space veteran and former officer of the Royal Navy, to command the HMSS Harvest as it travels to the edge of the known galaxy. There, the remote planet Cygnus holds a possible answer to the coming famine if the Harvest can endure the interstellar voyage, the dangers of a strange world, and the seeds of disaster sown among her own crew.

From the author of Minotaur, the Lost Harvest trilogy reimagines the classic tale of the Mutiny on the Bounty on an Earth with a history divergent from our own, yet with an ominously familiar future.


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Lost Harvest
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Six centuries from now, the Sol system is governed by the sole remaining corporation, EarthCorp.  In exchange for basic needs, citizens of EarthCorp yield up rights that detract from productivity.  Rights such as voting, and free worship.  Unrepentant voters, Christians, and other undesirables are incarcerated on Penal Station Minotaur, orbiting Jupiter on the tiny moon Pasiphae.  Keeping watch is bald, bearded John MacArthur, King John, the warden of the deep-space penitentiary.  Most undesirable is Dr. Mordecai Cadmus, genetic engineer, killer, and would-be tyrant.  Like all inmates on Minotaur, Cadmus is serving a life sentence, at least until Admiral Omar Jackson shows up with an unexpected demand.  Along with the beautiful telepath Athena Roga, he wants Cadmus, and won't say why.
When Cadmus gets loose on the station, MacArthur is trapped in a deadly confrontation with the most ruthless madman the galaxy has ever known.  Old feuds awaken, brittle new alliances emerge, and fundamental philosophies are shaken as the Warden races to save his station and protect humanity from the evil genius of Mordecai Cadmus.


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