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  1. Did Isaiah Moss intend for Oscar to claim his final manuscript as his own, as a parting gift? Or was it one last test from his father?

  2. Why did May include Oscar in her end of summer plans?

  3. Other than Oscar and the looming shadow of his father, all of the other characters in the book are women. Why is this important?

  4. After a brief visit when Oscar was born, why didn’t Isaiah ever meet his son again?

  5. Is Oscar a good teacher?

  6. Do Frances and Erin have a healthy relationship?

  7. The character of Ruby Pierce serves many purposes in the narrative.
    What is one aspect of her character you found interesting?


  8. Why does Oscar spend so much time telling us about his baseball playing days?

  9. What does Oscar’s failed marriage to Kate tell us about him?

  10. How is the topic of war important to the story?

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