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Player of Games, #97: Blackjack

I'm not much of a gambler. Sorry, Kenny Rogers. I don't mind the occasional casino outing (by occasional, I mean every few years). Surrendering my lucre to the whims of Lady Luck had never particularly appealed to me. Roulette, for instance, does not appear on this list. Nor does Poker. The one game of chance I'll allow is blackjack.

Blackjack (like Poker, I suppose) melds luck with skill to a certain extent. You can control for some variables and then hope for the best. I've had some good fortune at the vingt-et-un tables, in Montreal and Halifax and Connecticut and the Caribbean, here and there. One time in Nova Scotia on our honeymoon, I won enough to cover our hotel room for the night. The trick is knowing when to stop. When the house is winning, quit. When you're winning, quit. Better yet, quit before you start. Just quit. Or double down.

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