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Player of Games, #95: Hollywood Movie Studio

Also known as Hollywood Mogul 3, this game was released in 2006, and boy, does it look like it. Basically text-only, it is an immersive dive into running a movie studio, with an unearthly amount of detail. Invest in original screenplays or adapt them from novels, comic books, video games. Hire writers, script polishers, producers, directors. Cast your film - and here's the fun part! - using fictional actors and actresses, or download fan-made lists of real Hollywood stars. Make financial decisions about production, marketing, and more that determine whether a project is a little indie cult classic or a big-budget blockbuster. The game's algorithms determine how the box office reacts, and who wins awards. It's menu upon nested menu with a zillion clickable options.

I've played this many times, creating my own Marvel Cinematic Universes, my own sweeping historical epics featuring Captain Cook or Theodore Roosevelt (which always - always - bomb, even if critically acclaimed), or adaptations of my own novels. It's endlessly replayable, always different, and a spectacular time-waster. I recommend it highly.

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