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Player of Games, #8:

For the record, I can name more than 31.

About a dozen years ago I stumbled on, and since then it's been a reliable vehicle for entertainment and procrastination. It's a collection of around 1.7 million quizzes, designed by contributors (I've made plenty myself - sometimes making the quizzes is as fun as taking them), covering, well, just about anything you can think of. The simplest are the classic quizzes, like the one pictured here. Can you name the top 200 Harry Potter characters in twenty minutes? How about the top 100 Lord of the Rings characters in 10? That's just the tip of the iceberg, too. Name the 300 most published Marvel comics characters in fifteen minutes. All the countries of the world in twenty-five. All of Shakespeare's plays in ten, all the US Presidents in five. In order. Name all the quarterbacks to start an NFL game since 2000. All 151 original Pokemon. You get the idea.

Even that only scratches the surface of this site. There are picture quizzes, too - you might be presented with 100 pictures of film actors and have to name them within the time limit. Or the logos of car companies. Maybe you'll be shown a map of Europe and asked to click your mouse in the right area when a capital city is given. It really is an unlimited repository of ways to test your recall, your speed, and your general knowledge. I dig it the most. Check it out - you probably will, too.

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