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Player of Games, #78: Boggle

I'm a words guy. Always have been. So it should come as no surprise that Boggle appears on this list. It's sort of a niche game, appealing to that subset of folks who enjoy puzzles and word games, comfortable operating under the pressures of time constraint, and competitive enough to want to do it better than their friends and party guests.

I remember playing Boggle years ago with my first wife and the university professors we were house-sitting for down in Texas. They were all excited to play. They were also math professors. Good night, everybody, turn the lights out when you leave. I pulled zero punches, and when the smoke cleared from the carnage, I was chastised for being rude to our hosts. Sorry, babe. Get in the octagon or watch from the sidelines, because when the hourglass flips, all the calculus and differential equations in the world aren't going to save you and your litany of three-letter words.

Ah, Boggle. Like Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit, it's getting harder to find people to play with.

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