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Player of Games, #69: Cards Against Humanity

For letting your freak flag fly in front of friends and family, there's no better game than:_________.

A. Charades B. Twister

C. Cards Against Humanity

The right answer is obviously, deliciously, C. But as in the game itself, the best moments come when any of the choices work. Cards Against Humanity is a ribald firehose of vulgarity and innuendo, and not for the faint of heart (though I suppose the same could be said about the other options listed above too). Played properly, among people sufficiently familiar not to be put off by the profane essence of the game, there is no greater laugh factory. It helps if those same players are imaginative, coarse, and liberally doused with the libation of their choice. I mean, where else can you debate whether it was Hermione's attitude, seeing Grandma naked, or Obama's stimulus package that brought the orgy to a halt? And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Just the tip.

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