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Player of Games, #62: Pictionary

I like party games. You know, the sort you bust out when five to ten people are together and need something to do other than eat chips and refill their glasses. Any number of them will show up on this list. One I enjoy, though I haven't gotten to play in quite some time, is Pictionary.

Ah, Pictionary. Get some friends together. Find out who's good at sketching and who's good at guessing. Discover that your girlfriend isn't good at either. Get in a fight. Throw a pencil. "How the fuck is that supposed to be a fishing pole? It looks like a penis!" Crumple the paper and throw that. Fight some more. Good times.

There was a TV game show version called Win, Lose, or Draw, which is a stupid title. When the pencils come out, there are no winners, only survivors.

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