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Player of Games, #60: Tetris

It feels as though Tetris has been with us forever, not unlike the Red Menace itself. It emerged in 1985 from Soviet software engineer Alexey Pajitnov and became a hit on Nintendo platforms. I played it in college on my roommate's PC in the mid-90s. Played it a lot, actually. Played it enough that I got better at it than I care to admit. Played it enough that I not infrequently entered the elevated Tetris Zone, when reflexes, anticipation, and skill combined to handle whatever the game could throw at you at its top speed. Even now when playing a game and crushing it, I might refer to the Tetris Zone. Or handling some real-life matter with speed and accuracy. It's a Zone that can come to anyone, at any time, when hours of practice meet opportunity. I think it's probably how NFL defenses seemed to Tom Brady in his prime, or a golf course to 2000 Tiger Woods. or a debate stage to Bill Clinton.

I miss the Tetris Zone.

(Everybody has played, Tetris, right? Everybody knows about the simplicity of the seven shapes and the moving, spinning, dropping? Anyone need it explained more? No? Good.)

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