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Player of Games, #20: Theatre of Magic

There is more than one kind of baller

I am not much of a pinball player. I mean, there was a time we had one in the basement at the house growing up, a vintage job without many bells or whistles. I don't recall what it was - I think there was an octopus or squid on it? - or else it would be on this list.

Instead, I welcome you to Theatre of Magic! This magnificent specimen was located in the student union building at UNH in the mid-1990s, alongside the pool and ping-pong tables in the basement. My roommate Joel and I would spend plenty of hours and quarters on this beast, navigating its byzantine side quests, trying to unlock the chained chest in the middle and unleash the multiballs of madness. I think we had most if not all of the high scores on there at one point. If 10,000 hours makes you and expert, we were probably a good tenth of the way there.

Whenever I play pinball now, in an arcade or bowling alley, I can't help but wish that sorcerer's voice would crank up when the quarters clinked home..." the Theatre of Magic!!!"

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