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Player of Games, #101: Twister


Well, Well, Milton Bradley's got a def one

It's a Twister (Twister, Twister, Twister)

Yeah, all the girls and homeboys

Playin' Twister (Twister, Twister, Twister!)

Spin the spinner and call the shot

Twister ties you up in a knot

That's Twister

Yeah, Twister

Check it

Right foot blue (Right foot blue)

Left hand red (Left hand red)

Left, Right, Yellow, Blue, Green

Yeah, Twister

Now, everybody's chillin'

With the Twister (Twister)

Wherever things are illin'

You'll find Twister (Twister, Twister!)

That's Twister

Yeah, Twister

Yeah buddy

You gotta get it

Yeah Twister

From MB

Immortal words from the master, Weird Al Yankoic, in hip-hop parody reference to the party classic, Twister. This thing came into the world in 1966, the first mass-produced game to enlist human bodies as game pieces. Drunk people in the era of the Summer of Love and Woodstock crawling over each other in bare feet, reaching, touching, rubbing, falling. I think it's pretty obvious why competitors of Milton Bradley referred to Twister as "sex in a box" (where else do you have it?). Apparently the original name for the game was "Pretzel" (not "Orgy"). Every 1970s shag-carpeted parlor probably had one of these babies near the wet bar and turntable. By the time I was a kid, in the sexually repressed 1980s, Twister had reverted back to being a harmless game for children.

Or so they would have you believe.

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