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Player of Games, #10: Zork

I don't know the word "sluice"

>write post

There is no post here.


I don't know the word "write".


On what?

>type on computer

I don't know the word "computer"

>go west

Trees block your way to the west

>go north

There is a white house here with a window slightly ajar.

>open windo

I don't know the word "windo"

>open window

With much effort, you have opened the window enough to allow entry.

>enter window

You have moved into a dark place. It is pitch black.

>give up

You have been eaten by a grue.

I'll admit, I played a ton of Zork, mostly on our workhorse Commodore 64. Never won it. Never came close. Got to the dam, got my hands on a wrench. Opened the sluice gate. I think that's as far as I got. More often than not, I'd wind up wandering the woods or going up and down stairs in the stupid white house. I never did get the hang of the commands or the map. Maybe some of you were more successful. I will say, to this day, if I have to go into the garage or the basement and it's dark, I am vaguely concerned about being eaten by a grue.

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