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New England Sports 366, #9: Kevin Romine

If we’re going to make it through the year, there are going to be some backups and bench guys mixed in with the all-timers. Kevin Romine was the first role player I remember rooting for. He made his debut with the Red Sox as a September call-up in 1985 when I was ten, and identified with the dude who was promptly stuck behind Rice, Evans, Burks, and Greenwell in the Sox outfield. Never had a chance.

Romine played parts of six seasons for Boston, and he was never more than a JAG (just another guy). But he was a capable reserve outfielder, and in 1989 he hit .274 in 92 games, which is more than you or I can say. I love that of the five career home runs he hit, two were walk-off jobs.

Let’s be honest - I think I liked him because I had his baseball card and it said he was born in Exeter. (Russell Dean probably likes him even more because the guy was a Sun Devil.)

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