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New England Sports 366, #72: Max Lane

Max Lane went to the Naval Academy and played 100 games on the offensive line for the Patriots after his selection in the sixth round of the 1994 NFL draft, so he can hardly be called a buffoon.

And yet, he kind of was. Among other things, he was almost ritually abused by Reggie White during the Packers defeat of the Pats in the 1997 Super Bowl. But mainly I’m referring to the 1997 Everclear concert with Drew Bledsoe and Scott Zolak thought it was a good idea for a 6’5” 300-lb man to go stage diving. A woman was injured and ended up filing suit against the improbably airborne lineman.

It’s all I’ve ever been able to think of when I hear his name. Nearly killing Bledsoe in Super Bowl XXXI and nearly killing a poor concertgoer that same year.

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