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New England Sports 366, #60: Garin Veris

Back in the 1980s, the Patriots had an underrated defense. Andre Tippett, Steve Nelson, Raymond Clayborn, Ronnie Lippett. One of our favorites was Garin Veris. A Stanford product (and veteran of The Play in 1982), Veris had an immediate impact as a rookie in 1985 with 10 sacks (plus three more in the first-round playoff victory against the Jets), helping to lead the Pats to their first Super Bowl.

In 1990 he was one of three devastating preseason injuries to the defense that hobbled the team and led to their poor 1-15 record. Veris finished his playing career with the 49ers in 1992, and went on to work as an administrator and development professional at several colleges, including UNH. It was during his stint in Durham working for Wildcat athletics that we had a chance to get to know each other. It was fun and rewarding to get to know a guy I rooted for when I was a kid, and I’ve found Garin to be smart, funny, and big-hearted. Even if he never could catch Bo Jackson in Tecmo Bowl.

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