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New England Sports 366, #58: Marty Moore

In the 1994 NFL draft, 222 players were chosen. The 222nd was Marty Moore, a linebacker out of Kentucky. As the final pick overall, Moore was granted the traditional nickname “Mr. Irrelevant”. The Patriots selected ten players that draft, beginning with Willie McGinest in the first round. You’ve probably never heard of the next eight guys they took (except maybe tackle Max Lane), but Marty Moore made the team.

Moore would stick with the Pats for seven total seasons from 1994-2001 (in 2000 he played in Cleveland), making nearly 100 career tackles for New England. After his final season he became the first Mr. Irrelevant to play in a Super Bowl, and he retired with a ring. Not too shabby for a guy picked 23 slots lower than famous late-rounder Tom Brady.


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