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New England Sports 366, #43: Diana Taurasi

Diana Taurasi is in the discussion for the best women's basketball player of all time. She's the all-time leading scorer in WNBA history and has been named all-WNBA ten times. She was league rookie of the year, has been league MVP, has landed five league scoring titles, and has won three championships. She's won four Olympic gold medals and three FIBA World Cups.

Forget "women's". Diana Taurasi should be in the discussion for best basketball player in New England history.

Consider her collegiate career. Taurasi was a UConn Husky, which is what lands her on our list. During her time at Storrs, Taurasi's teams won three straight NCAA national championships and she landed two Naismith player of the year trophies. Her collegiate record? 139-8.

None of this even includes her international success, which includes multiple championships with professional teams in Turkey and Russia. The woman is a monster. She's also happily married to Phoenix Mercury Director of Player Development and Performance Penny Taylor, a former teammate.

Hardware and a happy ending. That's how we like our sports heroes here in New England.

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