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Granite State of Mind, #42: Main Street, Wolfeboro

We've resorted to this

I've always been partial to Water Street in Exeter as the quintessential New Hampshire downtown (I know Portsmouth has its adherents, and many of my civic-hearted friends will argue for their own local favorites). But there's something to be said for Wolfeboro's Main Street, especially in summer. The stretch from Brewster Academy to the Wolfeboro Inn along Winnipesaukee's idyllic Wolfeboro Bay is a rightfully iconic New Hampshire locale. It's always been a summer destination for us, sometimes as a day trip and sometimes as a brief interlude of civilization during long weeks at the lake.

Start at the Wolfeborough Diner for cheap and greasy breakfast (or maybe a weekend brunch at the matronly old Inn, one of the few buffets to challenge the Old Salt). The deck behind Garwood's for lunch, watching the boats reprovision along the docks. Bailey's Bubble for boulder-sized ice cream, or maybe the Yum Yum Shop. Touristy stores like Black's Paper for kitschy mementos, and just about any waterfront paraphernalia you might need. Finish up with drinks at the Upper Deck and you've nailed it.

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