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Granite State of Mind, #144: Town and Campus, Durham

Cards, caps, and candy

Yeah, I was a Hayden Sports guy for most of my UNH logo swag - but I always had time for Town and Campus, too. I know I got plenty of shirts and hats from both places, but T&C had candy, and cards, and pretty much whatever else you might need. During my time at Justiceworks in Huddleston Hall, I'd wander over a few times a week for whatever I might need - batteries, printer ink, maybe a new UNH pin. Town and Campus always had it. And it always had Stogie.

During my days as both a student and a staffer at UNH, I made it a point to stop in and visit with Stogie ("real" name: Richard Many). He always had a friendly word, sometimes a bit of wise counsel, and nobody knew the lay of the land in downtown Durham like he did. Does, I should say - like Town and Campus itself, he's still there, still enthusiastically greeting students and townspeople alike, still rooting hard for Wildcat sports teams, still a fixture and center of gravity on Main Street. One of the things I love about Durham is the mosaic of characters that comprise the downtown merchants and townspeople - and Stogie has always been one of my favorites.

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