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Granite State of Mind, #121: Epicurean Restaurant, Exeter

(not pictured)

No, I don't have a story about the Walgreens at the corner of Portsmouth Ave and Green Hill Road. This is about what used to be there in the 80s and 90s, the Epicurean restaurant. It was a big yellow building, and inside was a moderately classy joint, at least in memory. Why does it make this list? Three reasons:

1) It was owned by a former Boston Bruin, Gary Doak, a fact that brought major cool points to a sleepy little town like Exeter.

2) I remember bringing Brandy there for dinner in high school, the first time I took a girl to a cloth-napkin dinner with my own money I'd made working for my dad. I forget every other detail about that date.

3) I will never - ever - forget Daniel Galvin's nickname for the place: "The Big Piss". Epic (big) Urean (urine - close enough). Plus, it was big, and yellow. Maybe you had to be there, and be seventeen.

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