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Granite State of Mind, #101: Goldi's Deli, Portsmouth

Would you buy a bagel from this man?

There used to be a place on Penhallow Street in the Port City, a brick joint next to Commercial Alley across from the federal building. It was there for 24 years, and it was a New York-style deli called Goldi's. It had the best bagels in town (as well as signage proclaiming the existential question: "if a seagull flies over the sea, what flies over the bay?"). They had a bagel burger that was fantastic, and all the usual menu delights one might associate with the type, some creatively named: "The Boston Red Lox", or "50 Ways to Leave Your Liver". When I worked in town for the Ballet, Goldi's was a go-to for lunch. They were also good enough to help cater the 106th anniversary of the Nutcracker reception we hosted on the stage of the Music Hall in 1998. (They were at 106 Penhallow Street, see?)

It was a shame when it shuttered in 2003 - I'm not sure what's there now, some kind of bar? It was the kind of place every town needs.

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