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Favorite Non-Fiction Book, #34: Tom Brady vs the NFL, the Case for Football’s Greatest Quarterback

And he's only improved his case since

I was tempted to present this without comment. Instead, the following.

Seventeen seasons as starter (excepting 2000 when he backed up Bledsoe and 2008 when he was lost for the season in week one). In those 17 seasons:

15 Division Titles

16 playoff trips

13 AFC Championship Games

9 Super Bowls (John Elway is #2 with five)

5 (possibly 6) titles

29 playoff wins (more than all but three franchises)

207 regular season wins, most all-time for a QB

No losing seasons (worst record was 9-7 in 2002)

And that’s just the winning stats.

For those who like the numbers game (all regular season):

70,514 passing yards (4th all time, likely to be 2nd at some point in 2019)

517 passing TDs (3rd all time, very possibly 2nd or even 1st by end of 2019)

97.6 career passer rating (4th all-time)

For hardware:


4x Super Bowl MVP

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The debate isn’t Brady vs Manning, or Montana, or Unitas. It’s Brady vs Jordan, Gretzky, Ruth, Ali.

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