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Favorite Fictional Characters, #91: Severus Snape

Clearly, fame isn't everything.

As we head into our first day at Universal Studios Florida, the immersive Harry Potter experience beckons. After Hermione, the definitive character from the HP universe is none other than than the grim, glowering potions master of Hogwarts.

I loved Snape as skulking villain with small use for fresh-scrubbed young witches and wizards, eager to dole out punishments, unfairly favoring Slytherins, and doing anything he could to make Harry miserable. Yes, his arc is redemptive (though I could do without the creepy torch-bearing for Harry's mom. Stalker alert?). But I liked Snape the jerk.

I'd also have paid to watch Alan Rickman act in telephone commercials, so there's that.

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