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Favorite Fictional Characters, #87: Officer Judy Hopps

"I came here to make the world a better place, but....I think I broke it...?"

We brought the boys to see Zootopia yesterday, so this is fresh in my mind. Plus, a bunny for Easter! Though not, as Judy herself would strenuously point out, a dumb bunny. Judy is instead a barrier-busting pioneer, an ambitious rabbit intent on fulfilling her dreams. And she does it in the lush, richly imagined landscape of Zootopia, as fully-realized and hilarious an animated environment as we've seen in a long time.

The movie is a fun and unapologetically pro-social one, with lessons about equality, friendship, prejudice, and striving all right there on the surface. The dynamic between Goodwin's Judy and Bateman's sly fox Nick is effective and affecting, their almost-flirtatious banter bringing to mind classic screen pairings like Hepburn and Grant. Judy might be a cute little thing, but she doesn't take any guff from anyone, predator or not. And that's a lesson we could probably all stand to learn.

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