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Favorite Fictional Characters, #55: Marion Ravenwood

Our goddamn partner

Indy's true love, Marion was a throwback to the tough-broad school of 1930s Hollywood serials, less damsel in distress than land mine in a dress. Rugged enough to operate a watering hole in the Nepalese mountainside, drinking locals twice her size under the table, cunning enough to use her sexuality to seduce and nearly escape Belloq, and human enough to hate and love Jones over the long years of his absence.

Karen Allen is more charismatic than beautiful, and plays Marion with the perfect balance of doe-eyed wonder and flinty self-interest. She was the only choice to bring back for the ill-fated fourth installment of the franchise, the only woman who ever gave as good as she got with Indiana Jones. Marion fires off one of the most cutting, most brutally true lines in movie history when she appraises Jones in the submarine and declares, "You're not the man I knew ten years ago." None of us is, lady.

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