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Favorite Fictional Characters, #382: Roy Kent

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

"I hope you die of the incurable condition of being a little bitch."

There are no shortage of interesting characters in Ted Lasso's orbit. Ted himself, of course. The unstoppable and irrepressible Keeley Jones. The deep still waters of Higgins. And I've been lucky in my coaching life to always have a Beard.

But fuck that. It's all about Roy Kent. (Sing it with me.)

The show's best moments generally come when Kent is in the room. Like a poorly-shaved Sasquatch, he lurks and looms with his glowering presence, daring the world to ignite his barely-suppressed anger. He wields obscenities like a Jedi with a vulgarity saber, laying waste to anything and anyone foolish enough to wander into his path. That weaponized wrath clearly served him well in the course of his decorated playing career, but as he transitions to his life off the pitch, it becomes more hindrance than help. Still sullen and glowering, he begins to let select persons behind the rage-curtain. And that's when his best moments come, when we get glimpses of that well-guarded inner sweetness. With Ted, with Rebecca, even with his foil Jamie.

Best of all, though, is his relationship with Keeley. Brilliantly acted with dour minimalism by Brett Goldstein, Kent reveals himself to be capable of mature love, self-awareness, and even sacrifice. He's kind of like Shrek, or Frankenstein's monster, a terrifying creature wrapped around a compassionate core. I look forward to seeing what's in store for him as his evolution continues in season three. I also want to find out how many more syllables he can fit into his favorite word.

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