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Favorite Fictional Characters, #35: Atticus Finch

"Did I leave the stove on?"

Let's for a moment ignore that Harper Lee's caretakers (exploiters) released Go Set a Watchman as a cash grab, even though Lee herself pretty clearly had no intention of sharing it. Let's remember Finch as he was, and remains, one of the great heroes of literature and screen. A man of reserved decency. A strong, loving father. And a legal titan who operated within a broken system to seek and find justice, for everyone. To Kill a Mockingbird is a classic novel for a reason, but in no small measure we revere Finch because of Gregory Peck's perfect portrayal in the 1962 film. It was one of the most ideal marriages of actor and role in cinematic history, with Peck bringing Finch's dignity and determination alive.

Atticus Finch was the prototype for the heroic lawyer, giving rise to the entire Grisham genre. Plus, he made seersucker seem a legit fashion choice. Nobody's perfect.

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