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Favorite Fictional Characters, #297: Asterix


A short, smart, heroic Gaul from the first century AD, Asterix leads the resistance to the conquering Romans in his village and elsewhere in Europe. The pun-riddled series wickedly satirizes national identities and ethnicities from Italians to Spaniards to Greeks, all from the snobby perspective of the French. Despite his limited stature, Asterix, like his fellow villagers, draws temporary superhuman strength from the magic potion brewed by the local druid, Getafix. His tubby friend and sidekick Obelix was dropped into a cauldron of the potion as a baby, and derived permanent super-strength that offsets his weak wits.

Asterix wanders the world of two millennia past, having adventures and going on quests and having what appears to be a fine old time. I love his too-large winged helmet, his rarely-used short sword, his luxurious blond mustaches, and his fearless cunning.

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