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Favorite Fictional Characters, #288: Wilma Flintstone

No shoes, but pearls and lipstick aplenty.

If you'd asked me when I was a teenager to name my favorite prehistoric protagonist from the anachronistic cartoon The Flintstones, I probably would have said Betty Rubble. Barney's wife was way hotter than he probably deserved, totally devoted to him, and not nearly as confrontational as her neighbor and friend Wilma. And yet...while the Rubble marriage was affectionate, it lacked the electricity and equality of the Flintstone pairing. In many ways the prototypical housewife of the 1960s, Wilma drew from Lucille Ball and Alice Kramden, dutifully handling the domestic sphere while also serving as a restrictor plate on husband Fred's ill-considered schemes and misdeeds. She's the smarter, more deliberate, more mature partner, wearily enduring the emotional and spontaneous nature of the man she clearly adores.

That doesn't sound familiar at all.

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