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Favorite Fictional Characters, #27: Anger


Pixar does excellent work. Last summer's entry, Inside Out, was no exception. Though not a terribly original premise (I kept thinking of the short-lived early 90s sitcom Herman's Head), it was well-executed. The exploration of formative childhood memories was inspired, and I'm sure we all collectively mourned the representation of lost youth. Pixar knows how to make us laugh and cry, often at the same time.

Of all the emotions running the show in Riley's skull, Anger was my immediate favorite. Partially because I like Lewis Black, and partially because I think the fiery red dude is disproportionately influential in my own control room. I don't think he's a bad guy, just misunderstood. Anger gives us our strength, our ambition, our standards. Maybe he takes it a little far sometimes. But then, who hasn't felt their head explode into flames when things aren't going right?

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