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Favorite Fictional Characters, #240: Doctor Who (The Fourth Doctor)

What's up, Doc?

True confessions: I'm not a Doctor Who guy. I can count on one hand the episodes I've watched, with one major exception: Tom Baker's Fourth Doctor was a staple of my childhood PBS watching. There was such bohemian swagger and charisma to the scarf-clad, afro-topped time traveler, such humanity and accessibility. I was young and the show was bizarre. I know I never truly understood it, except maybe the part with the robot dog.

I know it's blasphemy for a science fiction fan and author, but I haven't watched the show since then. Lots of people love it and will bear testimony to its awesomeness, but it just hasn't captured me since the early 80s. Yeah, the regenerations are part of the point. But there's only ever been one Doctor for me.

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