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Welcome to The Write House, where words live. Here you can find Joe's published works, as well as books by others in our great writing community. 

This site also houses the hundreds of profiles Joe has written over the years, including his series on fictional characters, New England athletes, and more. 

Here we celebrate the written word, so come on in and look around. Engage with the posts. Buy a book from Joe or one of his friends. And come back soon. 

Thanks, everybody. 


When Andy Chester loses his thirtysomething wife Lisa to breast cancer, it doesn’t take long for his world to fall apart. His business teeters on the edge of financial ruin. His overbearing father-in-law is convinced Andy is unfit to raise his young son and daughter alone. Adrift in a world he struggles to navigate without his beloved Lisa, Andy begins a grief journey with no certain destination.

Even as he spirals into despair, Andy’s eclectic network of support tries to help. Buddy Cormier, a French Canadian-Mik’Maq womanizer from the Maine backwoods and Andy’s best friend. The Narwhal, a legendary comic-book and tabletop role-playing game personality from whom Andy inherited his Olympia hobby shop. Andy’s alcoholic sister Nan, a San Francisco art dealer and adoptive lesbian mother.

Despite their efforts, Andy confronts the possibility that whether or not there’s life after death, there may be no life After

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