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New England Sports 366, #107: Asante Samuel

There have been some very gifted cornerbacks in recent Patriots history. Gilmore, Revis, Law. In that mix you can add Asante Samuel. His stats are fairly eye-popping: in his 11 seasons he snagged 51 picks, returning six for scores (comparable to Deion Sanders). His playoff resume is just as impressive, with seven interceptions in 21 postseason games, taking four of them to the house. He helped the Pats win two Super Bowls (Carolina, Philadelphia). It might have/should have been three.

Samuel has his hands on the undefeated season in February 2008. Eli Manning tried to throw the ball away on the final Giants drive, and instead threw it just over the head of Samuel along the sideline. The Pats corner elevated, and really should have had an eighth playoff pick and a third ring. Alas, he didn’t catch it. Sports are a funny thing. A catch a great player should have made was promptly followed by a catch a lousy player had no business making. Sports are a funny thing.

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