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Favorite Fictional Characters, #89: Diana

Dirty Diana

In the days before YouTube, Netflix, or even DVR, some things on broadcast TV qualified as "specials" or "events". V definitely fell into this category. The film and the series that followed were science fiction that hit us where we lived - not in a galaxy far, far away, not hundreds of years in the future, but now, on Earth. The Visitors were urbane, attractive, and ostensibly benign, but ultimately proved to be vicious conquerors. The scaly truth lurked right beneath their human-seeming exteriors, and the guinea pig-eating best was Diana.

Beautiful, haughty, dismissive, Diana's cold-blooded ambition makes Sarah Palin look like an amateur. While the Beastmaster and Jester did their best to oppose her, she was an implacable foe of humanity's pitiful resistance, and so evilly charismatic that many of us found ourselves rooting for her as much as the humans. A lusty creature, Diana was willing, even eager, to use her sexuality to advance her agenda, wielding her wiles like a blue energy grenade. According to the novels, she had a voracious appetite for sex with humans of both genders.

At the tender age of nine, I was both attracted and repelled by the queen of the visiting lizards. Even in the Yoko Ono sunglasses and ludicrous black crotch-triangle. Hey, it was the 80s.

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