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Favorite Fictional Characters, #45: Thumper

The water ain't all that's stiff.

I was never all that impressed or affected by Bambi. His mother's death wasn't a seminal moment for me. But boy, did I dig Thumper. Here was a guy who loved life with a boundless enthusiasm so irrepressible that his foot would pound with it. He made friends easily, but when it came to love he was a skeptic. He openly scoffed at Owl's assertion that he would someday become twitterpated with a young female of his species. It happened, of course, and when Thumper fell, he fell hard, with all the verve and passion at his disposal. Thumper did nothing halfway, including twitterpation. And hey, that's probably the only way to go. For a rabbit, Thumper's the man.

Here's to being twitterpated this Valentine's Day!

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