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Favorite Fictional Characters, #122: Sheila the Thief

She seems to have an invisible touch...

It's been a long day, and I've been delayed in getting to posting today's favorite character. Well, to show that I retain some small shred of humor, I'll share my favorite thief - Sheila, the plucky footpad from the iconic 1980s Dungeons & Dragons cartoon. What an underrated show this was. The animation was representative of the era, crude and quick and uninspired, but the writing and vocal acting was great. For the uninitiated, the basic premise was a group of six friends transported to a fantasy world via a broken/magic/cursed carnival ride, then bestowed with various weapons of power and repeatedly placed in harm's way by the enigmatic, Yoda-esque Dungeon Master. To find their way home, the young companions were forced to jump through adventurous hoops, often doing incidental good on their voyages. Hank was the studly blond ranger with his bow, Eric the snotty rich kid cavalier with his shield, nerdy would-be wizard Presto with his magic hat, sultry and sassy acrobat Diana with her pole, headstrong young rascal Bobby the barbarian with his club. And Sheila.

Sheila was the red-headed heart and freckled conscience of the group. Her magical cloak enabled her to turn invisible, a talent that suited her non-violent nature and inherent kindness. She wanted to return home as much as any of them, but she was always the first to argue that the group should help those they met along the way, and she felt deeply responsible for Bobby, her little brother. That, and she rocked the short purple skirt and thigh-high boots.

Why couldn't I have met a thief like that today?

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